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Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club
2015-winter Team Match Competition
with RANKING POINTS for participating players


Start: 15. January 2015
End: 15. May 2015

Current status:
  • Registration of NEW teams is CLOSED.
  • Accepting teams to only ADD members to the team.
  • Accepting SB members to sign in as "Available Players".
    Basic Info:
    • Teams will be competing in one or more groups, depending on number teams registered.
    • Be prepared to play ca. 1 team match per week.
    • ALL members of SB must have a FULLY FUNCTIONAL private email address registered at any time.
    • Participation in SB Team Match requires same strict behaviour rules as in other SB activities.

    Team Match RULES
    HOW TO DO:
    Latest Admin Reports
    How to report a problem
    Organize a Team
    Register team or player
    Make agreement for match
    Preparing a Team Match
    Creating Team Match at BBO
    Report Results

    Latest TOPICs in
    Team Match FORUM:

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    Team Matches
    Using e-mail on this site
    International rules concerning Alert.
    Leavung a team and join an other team
    Forum For Club Administrators
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    Psychic bids

    Admin Reports:   - (last updated 17. mar. 2015)


    STATUS SB Team Match Competition:

    SB 2015-winter Team Match tournaments are created.
    Playing should start as soon as teams have made agreements for when to play scheduled matches. If any team members are detected with inactiv email address, that player will be blocked until valid email address is registered.
    Registration of NEW teams is closed!
    Team Match tourneys played with player not being permitted to play or with title of team match others than "Skandinavia Benelux" will not count in the competition, but will be looked at as a training match.
    Players can be removed from a team until 22. Mar. at 23:59
    Players can be added to a team as long as limit of 9 players totally is not reached.

    • 9 participating teams are registered, 1 is disqualified and 1 team withdrawn.
      Competition will go over 2 - TWO rounds with ONE group, where also the scores from first round is kept for the final round. Each round to be completed within 2 months.
      Round 2: 15th of March - 14th of May.


    #6: Dynamite
    LadyStar has confirmed that Dynamite is withdrawing from the Team Match competition(18.Mar.2015)
    susan_b, manager of Dynamite, has sent private mail that Dynamite is withdrawing from the competition with reason "Most of my players just don:t have the time", and that in a period where managers are permitted to replace players completely. If any other member o9f Dynamite is willing to take over as manager , just notify SB before March 22nd, and arrangements will be taken. In that way Dynamite members avoid further penalty.
    (17. Mar 2015)

    #5: Dynamite
    Ignoring the rules of using the Contact SB link for contacting SB, but instead using contacting manager in several private ways. That is not acceptable and causing too much work for manager and at the same time blocking the information from being available for other staff to handle or look back at.
    (16. Mar 2015)

    #4: team Svampen
    Is disqualified - No resonse after registered warning 15.Feb.
    (22. Feb 2015)

    #3: team Svampen
    Has showed too little initiative to get Team Match played. If no match is played within February 21st, the team will be disqualified and membership penalty applied. If an other member of the team want to take over as manager of the team, this can be done if immediate action is taken.
    (15. Feb 2015)

    #2: Team Aalborg12
    Did not report results of team match - Staff was waiting for report for a too long time.
    (1. Feb 2015)

    #1: Red and White
    Used not registered player in SB Team Match and attempted to make it valid by reporting false name.
    (29. Jan 2015)