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The Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club has its origin in the Holland/Norge friendship club. This was started on new years day ( 1.1.2004) after an idea of getting players with some similar background and good behaviour to meet in a friendly way of playing bridge. Initiative was taken by KjellH. Because of big interest from players from ALL the Scandinavian and BeNeLux countries it was decided in March 2004 to expand the club so all players from these 6 countries could have a possibility to join our club. In afterhand it is easy to see this was a good decision for the club



We have managed to make a spirit in our friendship club that bridge players all over the world miss in most communities. This is achieved ONLY because most members WANT it to be this way. 



       We run tournaments and Team matches for members several times every week with regularity. And variation is big.

       Through the month we have Indy-, Imp Pairs-, Mp Pairs-, Mixed Pairs and Club National tourneys and Team Match competition for registered teams.


       Language used at this website, in SB Tourneys, in SB Team Match and in communication with SB_Staff is English ONLY.


       It is mandatory to show good behaviour and respect ethic rules. 


TDs and Hosts:

The club has got several GREAT helpers. We will need MORE helpers, but to become a helper, you need to have played our tournaments some time to understand the ‘SPIRIT of the CLUB’. But qualified members are needed, Read more about this in the HELPERS section, or simply CONTACT US if you want to help out



The  club runs tournaments at BBO, has had several ‘Live’ gatherings, and maybe we can develop it to become something more in the future, but for that we will need ideas and also more help.


If you have any ideas, questions or problems, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US , but take a look around the website first. You will find a lot of information here. So no need to bother our very busy volunteers with questions that already are well answered at the website.