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Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club
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Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club


       The Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club was started 1st of January 2004, and has since then been run by SB_Staff on spare time for no payment.


      The running costs of the club have been partly covered by payments from admin staff until now. These are expenses for web domain, web hotel, extra hardware, extra software, office expenses etc. etc.

      If you sign in for a Supermembership, you help the club with these expenses, and you show that you care for our friendship club and that you appreciate the huge amount of voluntary work the SB staff do on their spare time.

      In that way you also help making it possible for the club in the time to come.


     SuperMembership is a voluntary contribution from SB Members, and is very highly appreciated. It is free to play in SB tourneys for members who follow all club rules and are of no extra burdon for the staff.


      For the time being, the SuperMembership fee is set to only 20 EUR or 160 NOK, and is valid till the end of the year. If you want to support our club with more than above mentioned amount, you are most welcome to do so. Just specify what amount you would like to pay. When registering for SB SuperMembership will be informed about practical issues regarding payment etc.


By paying the yearly fee for SuperMembership you first of all support the club, but as SuperMember we also try to offer you something in return:

·         Discount when participating in a SB Live Gathering ( for next gathering, see the ‘Live Gathering section at the website)

·         Discount on Club Items ( SB T shirts are available, see ‘Member Items’ section at the website).

·         A possibility that we start with separate tourneys for SuperMembers ( Depending on the total number SuperMembers ).

·         Your name will be presented in a list of SuperMembers ( see section ‘Members’ -> ‘Super-members’ at the website )


Thank you for showing interest to support our friendship club in this way.

Support Skandinavia Benelux by ordering a Super Membership or give a donation

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