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SB Live Gathering in the future


††††††††††† SB is willing to arrange more future live gatherings. For being able to do so, we have to have a local group of members doing local arrangements. Certain conditions have to be in place, but those are mostly of practical conditions. If you have ideas, donít hesitate to Contact us.


Write your ideas about:

         WHERE you would like it to be

         WHEN should it be held

         MEMBERS to help out with preparations (not too many, not too fewÖ.)

         MORE you can think of that is of interest or importance


Some representative for the SB administration group will respond to you quickly with some guidance. We will share experience with you, and be of the practical help we can. Some basic rules will be discussed, and conditions for the gathering will be agreed upon.


When time is ready, SBís website, this you are reading, will be prepared for handeling the practical information towards the members, and Iím sure our wonderful staff will help promoting the event in our tourneys.


Again, donít hesitate, ††Contact us.