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More Helpers Needed


The Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club

with its tournaments and Team Matches at BBO, and with several other activities, is expanding in size and activity.

We started 1. Jan. 2004 and we now have over. 4000 members. In the club we have achieved a very good atmosphere and a a good attitude, based on friendship and bridge ethics. In fact, good behaviour is a must, and based on SB’s rules players who fail on behaviour rules will get penalty


More Helpers Needed

It is a big job to organize this club and all its activities, so we need more help of volunteers. We need help in MANY ways. Maybe YOU have a special skill that you think could be of benefit for the club? If you feel you could contribute to this, please contact the club:  Contact SB and specify what you THINK you can do. We will then contact you.


Tournament helpers

Our tournaments at BBO are growing and growing in participation. We now and then have to put limits on participation because we don’t have enough volunteers to help out in the tourneys. Pity......  But we do put limits on the tourneys so that the registered staff can be able to do their ‘job’ in a satisfactory way, AND that the staff have FUN of doing it. ( If too few helpers, it would be more of a stress situation and the fun would go away. We are all different in the way of being, and we WANT differences in our tourneys. But it must all be based on Friendship and good bridge ethics. Our Club and tournament rules are also based on this.


We run our tournaments with 2 kinds of helpers:  TDs and Hosts. BOTH are equally important for our tournaments. Some helpers fit better for being a TD, others fit best to be a Host. We need you BOTH. As a compensation for not being able to play, the Hosts and TDs get a few ranking points each time they help.


Host: Our host’s main job is to be a ‘communication’ link for the tourney. In other words: Inform the players about our tournament specifications and to be a host for the tournament:  to make everyone feel well

TDs: Our TDs ( Tournament Directors) will be doing regular directing duties. Subbing, adjustments , help at a table where TD is needed etc.


Web tools for  SB Staff

For assisting our staff in what has to be done, KjellH, the founder of SB, has developed special software to be used by the SB Staff as tools for performing needed tasks. All staff has these tools available, some staff has more tools available than others.



Yes, we need a lot more help. And we need helpers who are willing to help on OWN INITIATIVE.

We expect Hosts and TDs to help out in a few tournaments per month. Not much, right? J But really, that is all we ask. And if you have problems helping out in a period, just let us know, and it will be of NO PROBLEM.


We have the system ready for you. Can you afford a few times a month ( I think you can ) J , then let us know that want to help out, and we are several in the SB_Staff group who would be pleased to assist you in getting started.


Just send in the contact form: Contact SB


It is required that you are a member of Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club, and it is an advantage for you if you have played in our tournaments for some period, so you know the lovely atmosphere we have in our Friendship Club.  When you contact us, write a few lines about yourself ( treated confidential in staff administration) – and what you THINK you can contribute with – In the contact form, you will see keywords for some of the ‘sections’ we might benefit from your assistance-

Just keep in mind:  We are all FRIENDS J


KjellH ( bbo name)

General manager of Skandinavia Benelux Bridgefriend Club

Contact SB